LUAN LUAN SPRING RESORT: Bukidnon’s Tourist Spot

Location:  Quezon, Bukidnon
Activity: Swimming

Luan-Luan has an abundant supply of spring water and its spillover is diverted to irrigate nearby ricelands. Motorists washing their vehicles outside the resort are also a common sight. The Resort has surrounded with giant balete trees. They have two old swimming pools, Multi-purpose hall, Sari-sari store or Canteen in a dilapidated building and more swimming pools.

Noted for its clear and clean water, the Luan-luan Swimming Resort is a favorite venue for outdoor gatherings, family picnics and special occasions where people from all walks of life can enjoy the enticing water and relax with family and friends. It is located at the Poblacion of Quezon.

Entrance Fee – P20.00 Adult/Child
Cottage – P100.00
Umbrella Table – P75.00
Long Table – P50.00
Concrete Table (6) – P75.00
Concrete Table (5) – P50.00
Open @ 6:00 AM
Close @ 8:00 PM

1. Luan Luan Spring Resort is about 850meters from Quezon Bus Terminal.
2. From Terminal, you may take motor or tricycle about 30-50php, tell the driver to drop you off at the entrance of the Luan Luan Spring Resort.




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