OVERVIEW NATURE AND CULTURE PARK: Mountain Dweller’s best spots

Location: Kipolot, Palacapao, Quezon, Bukidnon
Access Point: Sayre Highway Quezon, Bukidnon (Bukidnon-Davao Route)
Mode of Transportation: Motorcycle/Bus/Private Ride
Arrangement: No entrance fee and can go there anytime.
Activity: Sightseeing/Rest Area for Travel Breaks

Overview Nature and Culture Park is located in Kipolot, Palacapao, Quezon, Bukidnon providing an entire and overlooking view of the municipalities. The place is a favorite stop over for those who are traveling the Bukidnon-Davao route where one can see the panoramic view of the mountains as well as experience the cool breeze and fresh air. It is highlighted with the mountain ranges and the verdure of the surrounding areas.

It’s a great stop over for motorists needing to stretch out while taking in the vast and scenic surroundings.

Inside the park, you’ll find several statues/sculptures of indigenous people positioned in different corners. They’re artworks by known Mindanao artist, Kublai Millan, who was also the creator of the sculptures found in Davao People’s Park.
The sculptures exhibit the early inhabitants of Bukidnon, most of them playing different tribal instruments.

Riding a private vehicle: you can see a signboard along the high way.
Commuting either from Davao City or Cagayan de Oro City: just ask the bus driver to drop you by at the Overview.

The park is located along the national highway of Kipolot, Palacapao, Quezon, Bukidnon and is maintained by the DPWH.
Overview Park is approximately 120 kilometers from Davao City



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